Agile Project Management

Posted by Mohamed Elgendy on May 22, 2016
5 minutes video

Agile Project Management (What is Scrum?)

Agile methodology can be used in all kinds of software development. Whether it's for developing complete software packages or some parts of bigger systems. The Framework itself is very simple. It defines some general guidelines with a few rules, roles, artifacts and events. I created a 5 minute video to explain these components in a simple way. Once these components are clear, implementing Agile to your projects becomes very easy. 

I also created an online Scrum training to help you pass the Scrum Master Certificate exam from the first attemp. It is completely free. Login and enjoy! Click here.

Please feel free to message me with any questions you might have, whether about business analysis, project management, lean six sigma, or programming. I promise I will respond with an answer, write about it or even create a video.  

I'm very responsive. Try me :)

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